Fiber Friday: Contemplation in Raw Silk

I recently decided to place an order with White Rabbit Fibers for a sampling of their silk yarns, which I’ve never worked with before.  I ordered a couple skeins each of laceweight and a fingering weight, both of which are undyed, along with a skein of their handspun recycled sari silk yarn and one everycolor silk skein, just for fun (I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with those two yet). 

My intention is to use the fingering weight silk for a scarf, but as I only have two skeins of it, I’m going to have to plan it out carefully.  I’ve toyed with the idea of beads, mixing it with the laceweight, simply making a skinny skarf, or just using an open pattern.  I rewound one of the skeins as I contemplated my options and decided that I should take some photographs to help me visualize the possibilities.

So here is Contemplation in Raw Silk:

Contemplation in Raw Silk



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