Four Movies, Four Skeins

So tonight I’m sitting here, trying to decide if I want to go to bed or just stay up and crochet. My husband’s out on a road trip that I’m more than just a little nervous about and it’s been storming all over, from here to Arkansas, where my family is, and even up to New York, where he has family. Severe thunderstorms and flooding and tornadoes… None of it conducive to sleeping well.
I’m tired of most of my current projects – or perhaps I simply want the challenge of a new one. The planning and designing is always the best part because I get to be creative. Once I’ve worked out a pattern all I get to do is the actual crocheting, which can become pretty mindless sometimes. And what fun is that after a little while?
I’ve had a fairly simple scarf in mind for a while, though, so I decided to give that a try. Patons Silk Bamboo in Almond. I crocheted a wedding throw with the same yarn in Ivory and it was positively luxurious. But then I have an affinity for bamboo yarns anyhow. Add a little silk and what’s not to love? It has a wonderful weight to it, not to mention the sheen, and the colors are delightfully rich. I love working with it. Actually, I have a skein in Magenta that’s meant for a teddy bear…
Four skeins for one scarf. A modified shell stitch base with a post stitch rope on each side. I still haven’t decided on the edging. It’ll probably depend on how much yarn is left when I reach a suitable length for the scarf. But I’ve had a bit of a problem with finishing projects that I start with no particular goal in mind here lately. They get pushed aside for other projects. Or simply more interesting ones (like this one began as). So I thought I’d pair it with a movie marathon. Especially since there’s a possibility I’m not going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

My choice? Indiana Jones. Four movies. Four skeins. Perfect. Except I’m about halfway through the second movie now and haven’t even pulled the wrapper off the second skein of yarn. And I don’t even have a very good picture to show for my distraction. Oh well. Photos at midnight don’t often turn out well, whether it’s because of the lighting or I’m really just in denial of my state of sleepiness. Which is probably the case more often than not.
But we’ll see how long I last tonight. I suspect I will be continuing my marathon tomorrow, though – and probably playing catch up with my skein to movie ratio as well. Wish me luck.

-Connie Lee


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