Something in the Water

Earlier this year I participated in a colloborative, sculptural art project called Something in the Water, organized by Wendy Osher, a fiber artist and educator.  Intended to help raise awareness of the hazards of plastic bags, 60 thousand of which are used every five seconds in the United States, it is comprised of breast-like shapes that are crocheted from recycled plastic bags.  Over the course of about two months and thanks to several donations from friends and family, I converted approximately 200 plastic bags into plarn, which I then crocheted into eleven different breast shapes.  In April, Wendy began linking all of the contributions together to form a “reef” that will be displayed in the Too Shallow for Diving: The 21st Century is Treading Water exhibit at the American Jewish Museum in Pittsburgh, PA May-July 2011.  After over 30 hours, the reef is now suspended just off the ground and ready for opening night, which is scheduled for May 14th, 7-9 pm. 

I am hoping to have the opportunity to visit the museum and see the exhibition in person, but in the meantime here is the first picture that Wendy has shared with us of the assembled reef, as well as more information on the exhibit.  To see photographs of my work on this project, please visit my studio blog or my facebook page.  Also, please visit the museum’s page for more information on the exhibit.


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