A Little Bit of Magic

Wow.  What a couple of weeks it’s been!  I’ve been preparing for a craft show as well as a trip out of town, nevermind trying not to completely ignore the house and yard work – which I’ve mostly failed at, in all honesty.  But the show was on Friday and after a much needed lazy weekend, I think I can start getting back on track.  But I’d like to share a little of what’s been keeping me so busy lately, so let’s begin with my most unique accomplishment of the past 30 days.

This is a special gift that I made, and I wish I’d documented my progress, but it didn’t even occur to me to do so until I was about halfway finished.


To go with her wizard robe, of course.  Cut from a rather persistent tree that keeps growing up between the bushes in our front yard, I carefully selected a length of about 14 inches.  I wanted something that showed character in its non-symmetry and knots, something that was unique and different, and could be personalized to fit the wizard.  I mean, the graduate.  I whittled away only part of the bark and did minimal shaping on each end of the wand before allowing it to dry for about a week.  Once it no longer appeared to be too green, I carefully sanded the exposed wood until it was smooth to the touch but still showed the texture of the remaining bark.  I also spent some time hand burnishing the knots with a smooth river stone.  A couple coats of sealer and a final pass with the finest of papers, and I was ready for embellishments.

I asked around for a few suggestions on what would help make this wand unique to its owner and I decided on two elements: butterflies and the color pink.  Since I wanted to maintain the character of the sapling along the entire length of the wand, I decided not to make the handle shaping evident in the wood itself, so I wire wrapped the shaft above the handle portion of the wand, to which I later attached the butterfly charm and fairy orbs.  The vines and flowers were drawn on with metallic pens, which I allowed to grow and twine around the wand as the wood allowed.  It took six coats of sealer to keep the ink from smudging but once it was finished and the final touches added, I was rather pleased with the results.  And so is its new wielder, I dare say.  She’ll be bewitching her computer and finishing her dissertation in no time now!  Or maybe it’s her adviser and the committee who she’ll bewitch…


This really was a delightful project; I had a lot of fun making it and I remembered how much I enjoy a little woodworking every now and again.  It makes me wonder, though, if there will be more magic wand making in my future…  Just call me Miss Ollivander!



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