My Crocheting in a Museum!


So I know I’ve shared a little bit with you about the eco-art project I participated in earlier this year, Something in the Water, but on May 25th, I had the opportunity to go see the exhibit in person!  I was in upstate New York visiting family, so my sister-in-law and I decided to drive down to Pittsburgh for a little day trip.  I contacted Wendy Osher, the artist behind the project, and we arranged to meet at the museum that afternoon.  It took both of our “smart” phones and an atlas to navigate the roads, but with organic gummy bears for fuel, we finally found our way to the American Jewish Museum.

Something in the Water is actually the first thing I saw when we walked through the doorway to the exhibit, which was pretty exciting.  It is composed of approximately 75 breast shapes, eleven of which are mine, all crocheted out of recycled plastic bags (weighing in at about 40 pounds in total!) and sent to Wendy from 45 contributors across four different countries and a dozen states within the U.S.  It is truly an impressive sculpture!


We walked around the rest of the exhibit until Wendy arrived, and there are really some interesting contributions from a wide variety of artists.  Once Wendy joined us, she regaled us with the saga of her construction of the reef (I can’t even guess at how long it took her to join all of the different shapes together!) and its subsequent installation, which was fraught with unforeseen complications.  The finished project looks fantastic, though, and I am absolutely thrilled to have been a part of it.


If you would like to see more pictures from my trip, please visit my facebook page, or for pictures of the entire exhibit, you can visit the page the museum has set up specifically for this exhibit.  There is some fascinating artwork, as well as valuable information about the dangers we face from the pollution in our oceans, so I encourage you to visit the museum if you will be in the area between now and July 28th.  It’s well worth the visit!

Here is Wendy’s statement about the project that is on display beside the sculpture:

“When I learned that mothers are passing toxins to their newborns through breast milk, it hit me like a ton of bricks. How could we have let this most sacred rite be tainted with such disregard for the world’s resources?

Plastic, the most prevalent component of ocean debris, threatens life on earth because it persists so long in the water.  Over time, plastic breaks down into tinier and tinier bits that actually absorb other toxic chemicals.  Fish that eat plankton feed mistakenly on the tiny particles.  Toxins then leach into fish tissues as they work their way up the food chain.  Scientists believe that some of the toxins commonly found in breast milk may have originated from this source.

It occurred to me that many women who like to crochet and/or who have environmental concerns might be interested in participating in an international, collaborative eco-art project to address this issue.  The response was overwhelming!  Three groups formed in Pittsburgh and from there it spread as far as Brazil, Australia, and the Philippines.  Visit our blog (H2Oforall.blogspot.com) to find out more about the project.

Special thanks to all participants!”

-Wendy Osher

Also, check out the latest press on the exhibition – Something in the Water is the featured photo!!


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