3rd Annual Spring Spectacular Yarn Event

Last Friday was quite an interesting day.  Rush hour traffic, parking dilemmas, and an unexpected upper body workout from carrying all my stuff about a block from my car to my booth space and back – it was exhausting.  But I spent countless hours over the past couple months preparing for this event and I was really excited for it because it was the first craft show I’ve done since I was a teenager and trying to sell my handmade jewelry (which I still dabble in).  It was originally scheduled for May 20th, but it got postponed because of the rain that refused to stop coming for about a week.  It was an outdoor event in downtown Denver, though, and despite losing the Denver Cupcake Truck’s participation because of the date change, June 3rd turned out to be a really lovely day.

If I’d known that I’d be sore for two days, I might have made more trips back and forth to my car while I was setting up so that I wasn’t carrying as much at one time, but once I got everything all set up, I was able to sit back and relax and even crochet a bit – it was a knit and crochet event!


I had baby blankets and baby rattles and stitch markers and soak and teddy bears and scarves and all those hats I’ve been making for what seems like forever…  It took a while to set everything up.  And it was a little windy, so my business cards kept trying to blow away, but other than that everything seemed to stay put all right.  My scarf rack only fell on me once anyhow – apparently I didn’t provide it with quite a stable enough base to withstand gusty CO winds. 

There were over a dozen other vendors there for the show, from Lavender Fields Alpacas with their fabulous fibers to other crochet artisans like Dorothy and Erika Hunter to jewelers and artists and bakers – who set up right next to me with their delicious cupcakes to tempt me of course!  I was also tempted to schedule a trip back to Denver just so I could get a massage (which I definitely needed after this show!) from Harmony Holistik Healing.  I got a couple samples of Kookaburra products that I can’t wait to try out and I even got to chat with Eden Lane of Colorado Channel 12.

It was a great opportunity to meet new people and I managed to stay out of the sun enough that I didn’t get too sun burned – thank goodness for those tall downtown buildings!  I have to say, though, that the highlight of the day was after we’d all packed up and most everyone had left.  I went inside the Yarn Shoppe to say thank you to Cassie and give her the blanket I made for the donations she was collecting for the Denver Health Foundation’s Newborns in Need program, and she suggested that I go right back out to my car and bring in my stitch markers to display in her store!


So my handmade stitch markers are now available exclusively at the Yarn Shoppe on 17th and Larimer in downtown Denver, CO or by special order.  Made specifically for crocheters, these are jewelry quality silver or gold tone locking stitch markers made in pairs with metal and glass beads.  These are a delight to make and even more fun to use and I am really very excited to have them in Cassie’s shop.  Check out her facebook page for updates and coupons and if you’re ever in the Denver area, you should definitely stop by her store!  Meanwhile, I’ll be looking forward to next year’s event and the excuse to go bead shopping again!



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