Christmas in July!

I couldn’t be more excited that today is July 1st!  First of all, my birthday is in July, so that’s one thing to look forward to.  Second, and best of all, my husband is home from a year in Afghanistan today.  So I am full of blessed relief and threateningly bubbly happiness…  Of course, I don’t get to see him right away, which is why I’m sitting at my computer trying to pass the time!

The last few weeks have been kind of crazy, not only because I’ve been getting ready for his return (I’m a poor housekeeper when I have no company), but also because I picked up a part time job – terrible timing, I know, but it just sort of fell into my lap.  So I’m trying to learn a new(ish) job – marketing for a small real estate office, which really isn’t too much of a leap from what I did at the last place I worked at – which has been good for keeping me distractedly busy, but not so good for the housework or the crocheting. 

Nonetheless, I’m excited to be participating in ArtFire’s Christmas in July this year.  There are a lot of wonderful artisan studios (many that I’ll be perusing myself!) that are going to be hosting some pretty great sales this month, so you should definitely go check it out.  I’ve chosen to offer free shipping on any order to any destination in celebration of this fantastic month.  :)  I’ll also be posting special, limited time coupons here and there, so be sure to keep an eye on my facebook page, twitter, and my Tumblr blog as well – you never know what might pop up where! 

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this fabulous time of year, wherever you may be and however you may spend it, whether it’s soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere (in which case I would be very jealous!), or getting ready for colder weather, celebrating Independence Day or the season or just being alive and loving life – I think I want to do it all!!  Today is going to be a good day.  A VERY good day!  And until I get to see my other half, I think I’ll go do a little Christmas shopping.  ;)


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