WIP: Purple Granny Square Baby Blanket

I am so glad that it’s finally cooling off – I’ve been ready for fall since the beginning of summer! Now that it’s no longer miserably hot in the house by early afternoon, I can get back to my crocheting a little more regularly. I had three – no, four! different baby blankets in progress because I really wanted to work on a blanket, but after it got about eight inches wide, it became too hot to work on. I just finished up the one with the simplest pattern the other day, my rose garden blanket, and now it’s on to something a little more interesting. Or back to it, I suppose.

I’ve had this particular blanket design in mind for probably two years, but it seemed like every time I was about ready to begin working on it, something would come up and it would get put back on the shelf again.  Even now that it’s begun, my progress has been interrupted several times.  But this is my next FO by golly.  I hope.

I’ve seen patterns like this before here and there – they’re just great big granny squares, really, and once I found some purple to match the tiny little purple flecks in the white yarn (which is an old, discontinued yarn given to me by my mother by the way), I was pretty excited about trying it out.  It took a little fiddling without a pattern to work off of, but I finally got it going and I rather like how it’s turning out, despite its slight twisting it’s got going on there.  But I think a good washing and blocking will straighten most of that out.

I still haven’t quite figured out how I want to edge it, though.  I’ve played around with a couple ideas, and I’ve got a couple I like all right, but nothing that really looks like it belongs.  I’ve got a few more rounds to do before I have to decide, though, so I’m hoping my fiber muse will be returning from her summer vacation soon.


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