Chasing Snowflakes

So I was all excited about it snowing yesterday – and snow isn’t my favorite thing, either, but I’ve decided that if it’s gonna do it, it ought to do a good job of it.  Of course it didn’t, but I did get to see some pretty awesome snowflakes landing on my windshield when I was out last night for our December Coffee.

We had an ornament exchange as well as a baby basket to contribute to this time, and of course I wanted to make the gifts that I brought.  I’ve made rattles in the past, but I needed something a little quicker and easier this time, so I decided to make a pair of crocheted flower hair clips since the newest member of the Squadron is a little girl.  They turned out all right, but what I was really tickled with was the snowflake ornament I made.

I’ve tried several times to make some of these and they just never have turned out well enough to suit me, but I guess now that I have another few years of practice in – and a little more patience – it’s a slightly more manageable task.  They’re still entirely too fiddly to suit me, though, so I may experiment with designing my own.  Keep an eye on my studio blog if you’re interested in seeing what I come up with!

12-05-2011 ETA: I added this project to the Michaels Make It! For Good Contest – check it out here and vote every day to help Michaels reach their goal of $25,000 to donate to charity!


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