More Vouge Crochet? Absolutely!! Stunning photography and stylish crochet make this magazine a must have for MY crochet bookshelf! How about yours?

By Number 19

Vogue Crochet Magazine

Vogue Crochet Cover 2012

Just came back from vacation and the new crochet magazine from Vogue Knitting was in my mailbox:-))

Last time Vogue did an exclusive crochet magazine was back in 1994. This one starts with several pages of introduction where crochet is today: Fiber artists from around the globe that explore crochet are introduced as well as different social sites, where you can learn more about advanced crochet skills or hang out with other crochet enthusiasts.

The magazine comes with 42 patterns and many are equipped with charts/diagrams. I am dependant on charts when crocheting so this is a big plus. Unfortunately some of those charts are very small and hard to read. The skill level ranges from beginner to advanced projects. There is an emphasis on simple stitch patterns, so the single projects don’t look too busy. 

Nicky Epstein has contributed with an opulent shawl/blanket. It is crocheted with…

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