What a wonderful wedding!

I just returned from marrying off my youngest sister and as exhausted as I am, I have to say it was an absolutely beautiful wedding. One of the best I’ve been to, actually!

It was held in the rock amphitheater of the city park in our home town and with the leaves turning colors and gently falling around us all, it was stunning. The minister conducted a simple, Celtic inspired ceremony that made me wish I’d been able to have a similar service for my own wedding! My husband’s only request was that ours was in a Catholic church, as that’s how he was raised, so I could hardly disagree. Here’s a picture I took there last fall:

I DO wish we’d been able to go to the park for pictures, but there just wasn’t enough time, especially with our photographer being from out of town. My sister’s photos are going to be amazing, though, and I can’t wait to see them! One of our cousins recently started her own photography business, so of course, she got the job. *smile* You can check out some more of her work on her facebook page, but here’s the first sneak peek she shared with us:

They had a fabulous fall theme and her colors were red, orange, and yellow (simply put – I won’t get into the “technical” color names!). Each of the ladies in her wedding party wore a different color and of course the decorations at the reception were similarly colored. She had the cutest idea of using a ribbon wrapped pumpkin as the ring bearer’s “pillow” and I also incorporated them into her garter.

This isn’t the best picture, but I had to snap one the night before the wedding just to make sure I had one before I gave it to her! It’s actually the garter I crocheted for myself, just redecorated for her. So I reckon it’s well on its way to becoming a family heirloom now! Along with my father’s Father of the Bride hat, apparently. He insisted that I take it to add to the “collection” because he refused to wear it again. So I guess it will belong to whomever happens to be the next father of the bride in our family. With only one of us grandkids left to tie the knot and no plans to get married anytime soon, it could be a while before the next wedding. Shame, really – I do enjoy a good wedding! Of course, the great-grandkids may well start getting married before we know it!


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