New Photo Prop!

So I found this AWESOME new photo prop on Craigslist. Okay, well I guess that means it isn’t new, but it’s still in great shape and I am SO excited about it! I’ve been wanting to get a cradle for a while now but they’re so dadgum big! I couldn’t resist this one, though. I love a nice cherry wood finish and most of the cradles I’ve seen are those crazy sliding mechanism things – just waiting to pinch some fingers if you ask me. I wanted a solid design. I kind of wanted a white one… It seems like it would go with more, but I just can’t bring myself to paint over this one just yet. Maybe one of these days when it gets more banged up, as I’m sure is inevitable with all the moving the Army will have us doing.

And maybe, just MAYBE, it will also see some more functional use in the next year or two… Hint, hint. ;) Meanwhile, I’ve got at least two blankets lined up for a photo shoot, as you can see by all the stuff in it already! I just need to find a good backdrop – like a California king flat sheet. It was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. I think probably because the only cradles I’ve actually been around are newborn or doll sized. :- / But it’s totally worth the space it takes up, I think, and I really really do hope that we’ll get to put it to a more practical use in the relatively near future. :)


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