Wait… have I not shared this with you!?

Okay. I know I’ve been slacking on the blogging lately, but I really have to share this with you – even though it’s something from way earlier this year.

See, I sculpted, in crochet, an Arkansas razorback hog. Oh yes. This is where I’m from. We are maniacal hog fans back home. And one of my girlfriends from high school requested that I crochet a piggy for her hubby as a wedding gift. I thought, “Sure!” there’s got to be hog patterns out there, right? Ha! I was SO disappointed. So what did I do? I decided to sculpt one. Freestyle. Wingin’ it, if you will. It was an exercise in patience, creativity, and vision. That’s right. Vision. I had to SEE where I was crocheting. Have you ever tried this? Ack! It’s intimidating. And I had lots of frogging moments (ripping it out so I could re-do it, over and over and over again), but by golly I DID it!

And yes, if you can’t tell, I’m rather proud of my little razorback. No, there isn’t a pattern. I started trying to kind of keep notes on how it went. … But I re-worked so many parts of it that it was hard to keep up with and I was a little concerned that I’d encounter troubles with their trademark rights, so I decided it would simply be a one-of-a-kind piece of art. You hear that, Amber? Lol. It was, though. It was a labor of love. Art. Fiber Arts!

It just so happened that we were late for the wedding (only maybe five minutes, but everybody was GONE!) which afforded me the opportunity to take some pretty awesome pictures of it on her grandparents’ farm. So while they were off in the fields getting hitched, here was what I was doing:

arkansas razorback hog

arkansas razorback hog

arkansas razorback hog

arkansas razorback hog

I’m sure it was a beautiful ceremony – I do always enjoy country weddings, especially when there’s great scenery – but I’m also kind of glad that I got to take these shots. They were so much better than anything I could have done anywhere else besides on a farm in Arkansas.

So, “Woo pig sooie!!” and congratulations to a very dear friend of mine on her wonderful wedding, even though we missed it!


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