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FO: Market Bag

Finished crocheting the prototype for my latest pattern project today. It turned out to be just a little too big for what I had planned, unfortunately, but I wasn’t about to frog the whole thing! So I finished it off with a secondary color. I thought it would be a good opportunity to test the strength of a break in the yarn and the color change was the easiest way to keep track of where the offending ends are. So we’ll see how it holds up to some use – and I probably won’t be very gentle on it!

I was so sad when the cone ran dry. :(

What I want out of this pattern is a single strand bag. One cone of yarn. One market bag. No sewing. Other than finishing off the beginning and end pieces of yarn, of course. Well the red cone ran out just shy of beginning the handles (which was probably as good a place as any to join a new strand) so the next attempt will be the next size down. Hopefully I won’t have to make too many changes to the pattern, but it’s still aggravating. Especially after 15 hours of crocheting with cotton yarn. It wears my poor little fingers plumb out! But I knew that the only way to see how big a bag I could make out of a single cone of yarn was to give it a go. I suspected that it wasn’t going to make it from fairly early on, but once I’d committed, I was in it for the long haul. I really hate frogging a project, and even though it means redoing the bag, I can still use the one that didn’t turn out like I planned.

I mean, look at this!

Testing out the handles…

… with juice!

That’s three 46 oz. bottles of juice in the bag with plenty of room to spare! I love it. I’m going to be able to fit SO many groceries in this thing!

Now, it is a little Christmassy looking with the white handles, but it was that, green (WAY too Christmassy), or yellow (eh). So rather than going out and buying something new, I decided to be a good girl and use something I already had. So red and white it was. Of course, I need to go buy a new red cone to redo the bag anyway. Yay for yarn shopping! Even if it’s just one skein for a specific project. Or cone, as it were.

Then it’s back to the adjustable base ring for another dozen plus hours and hopefully a finished pattern this time. By the way, if anybody’s interested in testing the pattern for me, I’d love a second set of eyes!


Making a Photo Light Box

I’ve been telling myself for well over a year that I need to make myself one of these – what I really wanted was to buy one, but they’re a little pricey. Not to mention the fact that my husband choked a little bit when I told him how much one would cost… Ah well. 

So I finally sat down this weekend and made one. Just a small one, and I still need to spring for some poster board to make my background sweeps, but I finally have my own tiny little light box! Here’s how it went:

First, was the box. This thing has been sitting around for over a month now and it didn’t even occur to me that it was just the right size until two days ago. Figures. It’s about 12 x 12, which I figure is a good starting place for small pieces like my thread crochet flower hair clips.

In order to reinforce the box, I taped up the edges and flaps of the box that would remain part of its structure. Then I drew lines about an inch in from the edges of the box to mark where I would cut. I got out my handy-dandy box cutter and set to work. What’s that? Are those pajamas? Yes, I’m afraid so. I was being both productive and lazy.Of course, I broke the box cutter in the process. :- /But I was able to patch it back together and finish the job. I didn’t completely cut out the sides because I wanted the box to remain as stable as possible while working on it, so I essentially just cut perforations. Unfortunately, I forgot to tape down the bottom flap, so I had to go back and cut it out, which was kind of a pain. We got there, though. Once all the sides had been perforated, I went back and popped out each one by sliding the box cutter along each edge. 

Then it was time to add the tracing paper. I tacked each piece on first with a piece of clear tape in order to secure it and trimmed each piece to fit.Once I had it where I wanted, I taped down the sides – but of course I ran out of tape. This project was just fraught with complications!The only other tape we had in the house was DCU (digital camo) duct tape, so I now have the most tactical photo box this side of the Mississippi!

I wish I had thought to spray paint the inside of the box white before adding the tracing paper, but I reckon I can add strips of paper to cover the interior edges of the box if I want to later. I’m not sure if it will affect the photography or not.Just to test it out, I used a sheet of watercolor paper for my background sweep. I need to pick up some poster board, so I can cut a piece to fit, but this should do for now. I actually meant to leave one side un papered so I can also use it outside by setting it down around a flower or on another background, but I forgot all about doing that. Oops.

Now, I’m all set up for my first little photo shoot! I used sunlight for this one, but hopefully I can pick up some lights to use this week and it’ll work even better. I still had to do a little editing, but the color was much better than what I usually see from my indoor photos. Now, I just need to get those lights!